Indonesian Hospital in Gaza Ready to Operate

By | July 19, 2014

The Indonesian hospital in Gaza is ready to operate following the emergency situation in the region and the shortage of health facilities to handle dead and injured victims.

“Virtually, the Indonesian Hospital will be opened in December this year but because the Palestinian people have called for its operation, we will open it and be ready to operate any time,” Idrus Alatas of Indonesias Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (Mer-C) said here on Friday.

He said that with emergency opening, the hospital will operate its health care units such as the IGD (emergency care unit) with surgery room, the ICU (intensive care unit) with 10 beds and five ventilators, polyclinic, laboratory and radiology with a portable X-ray instrument.

Idrus pointed out that his side was also preparing a team of surgeons which would depart to Gaza. For this, the Mer-C was waiting for coordination with the Indonesian embassy in Egypt and the Egyptian embassy in Jakarta.

In the meantime, Israeli military attacks have claimed civilian lives in Gaza Strip, Palestine.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called for an end to the Israeli attacks.

“Indonesia has underlined four principles to create peace and security in Gaza. First, Israeli military action must be immediately stopped,” he said at the commemoration of the Revelation of the Quran at the Presidential Palace.

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Indonesian Hospital in Gaza Ready to Operate

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