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María Elena Velasco Fragoso

Comedian and actress María Elena Velasco, better known as La India María, died Friday in Mexico City, according to El Universal. She was 74 (December 17, 1940 – May 1, 2015). Velasco was born in Puebla, Puebla, to Tomás Velasco, a railway mechanic, and María Elena Fragoso. She has three siblings, Gloria, Tomás, and Susana.… Read More »

María-Elena-Velascola-india-mariaIndia MariaMaría Elena Velasco Fragoso

Short Hairstyles for Older Women

When you are 50 years old and older than, your hair style is no longer determined by the growing trend at the time, but based on your comfort and compatibility with. It is advisable to choose a hairstyle based on facial structure, hair type and lifestyle that you live. According to an article written by… Read More »

Short Hairstyles for Older WomenShort Hairstyles for Older WomenShort Hairstyles for Older Women